Carlinkit 4.0 review(You won't regret reading it)

Carlinkit 4.0 review(You won't regret reading it)

What is Carlinkit 4.0, are you familiar with it? What can Carlinkit 4.0 do? What functions do people usually use with Carlinkit 4.0? Now let's take a review about it, I bet you won't feel regretful to read it, because it is indeed a user-friendly product, very sharp and light as well as intelligent.

One feature of Carlinkit 4.0 is to convert your wired Carplay/android auto to Wireless! You don't have to worry about losing the phone in your car. Most importantly, it can convert your Android auto to wireless, regarding the phone selection, you can use both phone or Android.

The second point of Carlinkit 4.0 is its fast connection, it serves the functions of connecting automatically and flawlessly. So what you need to do is to simply start the vehicle and Carlinkit 4.0 dongle has already connected. You will notice that the first-time setup is super easy,so it just plug in and then you can choose the Bluetooth setting on the iPhone to get it started. After the initial connection, Carlinkit 4.0 adapter connects rapidly as long as your iPhone is in the car.

Let's move into the last part of this smart and intelligent product, the wireless Capability, before you know this product, you had to keep your phone wired to use CarPlay all the time,but now Carlinkit 4.0 solves this problem perfectly, you just need to plug it and then pair the Bluetooth at the same time ,it will connect automatically, sounds pretty cool, right?

Of course, we don't need to worry about its appealing appearance , it not only has a brand new Carbon fiber shell,it also uses carbon fiber material, which can resist scratches and be anti-fingerprint. You no longer need to worry about the dongle falling to the ground and it is scratched if the vehicle bumped while driving. It makes the device last longer. What is more, you can get a long-lasting driving companion for a small price, so it is worthy buying.

After reviewing the function of Carlinkit 4.0, I guess you already have the initial impression about its convenience and beautiful appearance, once you get used to it on a daily basis, I bet you would love it, if you still feel unfulfilled to read this brief blog, I guess you can't wait to enter our website for further information.


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