Carlinkit A2A adapter full review - connect android auto wirelessly

Carlinkit CPC 200 A2A wireless android auto adapter is specifically designed to work with an existing factory-wired android auto system. The device can allow you to use your android 10.0 device or higher with an android auto system without using a connected cable. Its shape is the same as Carlinkit 4.0 dongle that I brought from Carlinkit Store. But basically, this one is for android auto systems only.

carlinkit A2A wireless android auto adapter

A2A wireless android auto adapter Specs 

In the box, you can get a paper instruction manual and an A2A android auto wireless adapter. Two USB power cables, one usb-a to c and one usb-c to C. That will can be adapted for more modern android auto ports in cars. the adapter’s size is 80mm×46mm×13mm which is very compact as you keep it in the car. Its case has a matt black rough texture. although both of its ends are more glossy. There are perforated holes on each side of the adapter for passive cooling of the chip inside. On one end you have the usb-c port to power the dongle. And the other end there are two status lights, for example, the steady red light means unrecognized status, the flashing red light means the recognized status, and lastly, the blinking green light means successfully connected status. And USB portal for charging power is also used for upgrading the dongle offline using a connected USB drive.

carlinkit wireless android auto adapter sepcifications

Set up A2A adapter wireless android auto

I try this adapter on my Honda CRV 2018, I didn’t think it was working because I was expecting to see a boot menu UI. This dongle behaves a little bit differently as there is basically no boot menu after connecting the adapter. You only will soon see the adapter’s Bluetooth profile become available on the android device. After pairing and connecting to the A2A adapter wireless android auto will connect and show up on the display .If your A2A can not be not be connected, you need to reset the adapater. Here is a little bit difficult to find out if this adapter does work on your system or not. If you want to know whether this dongle can work with your car stereo system. You can check the A2A conditions of use before you buy it.This adapter also works with the after market head units like Pineer, Apline,etc.

A2A Wireless anroid auto connection steps

Note: The original car's bluetooth signal need to be remain connected with your phone.

  1. Plug the product into USB port of the car, and click "Android Auto" in the pop up prompt of the car screen.
  2. Turn on the WiFi AND Bluetooth of your Android phone
  3. Pair your phone's Buletooth. Wait for a while, can connect android auto wirelessly.
A2A wireless android auto bluetooth connection

Carlinkit A2A adapter performance

I plug the adapter into my car system. The boot-up time was hard to test without a boot-up menu appearing on the display. But I think it was around 13 seconds to connect to a Bluetooth profile that from Bluetooth pairing to wireless android auto. Once first wirelessly connected to your android device, I find connections are seamless and just keep my phone in my pocket or in a bag when entering the car. Carlinkit 4.0 two in one wireless adapter with dual-band 2.4 GHz & 5Ghz wifi data transmit rate which enables fast and stable connections. While the A2A android auto adapter with 5.2 Bluetooth operation and data transfer via 5.8 GHZ wifi do match the carlinkit 4.0 adapter performance. In all its wireless android auto was very good and responsive in navigations.
But there is still a delay of 1-3 seconds when switching songs when using wireless Android Auto, due to wireless transmission, there will be such media delay (including the original car wireless Android Auto will also exist). While the calling was good to respond with up to a one-second delay in calling.
For stability, I use the adapter continuously for 4 hours with audio streaming and google navigation, it worked well and have not any issue at all. The wireless connection range of the wifi was solid and didn’t break up over five meters distance when I go out the car.
Updating the dongle can apparently be done offline via the USB port on the end of the adapter or by accessing IP config menu. Once the A2A adapter connects to the android auto system. Normally I have no issue connecting to this config menu on the device. If you Can't access, even follow the correct steps please try this method (applicable to CarlinKit 3.0/4.0//A2A)

A2A wireless android auto adapter setting menu


If your car only with wired android auto and you prefer connect your android auto wirelessly. Currently, there are very few wireless android auto dongle options. However, This A2A wireless android auto adapter certainly can fill our need very well and my user experience is pretty good. But the adapater should be improved by adding a boot-up menu. With its low price and responsive performance compared to some of the earlier options in the market. This A2A adapter should be on your must-have list if you are looking to connect to android auto wirelessly.