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Autokit - Wireless CarPlay Dongle Special for Android Head Unit

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News: The new version of this wireless CarPlay USB dongle upgrades to Wireless Android Auto released!

If you use Carplay and Android Auto in Aftermarket Android Head Unit. You can choose Carlinkit Autokit Product. It's specially made for the Android head unit, which is suitable for model system versions above Android 4.2+.


①This product does not compatible with the original factory car screen.

②This product support 99% aftermarket Android head unit and 99% iPhone/Android phone.

③This product does not work well on the WinCE cars.

There are two versions for you to choose from.

Add CarPlay to Aftermarket Head Unit

Have you got an aftermarket head unit retrofitted with no access to Apple CarPlay? If you are an iPhone user, you probably would like to use Apple CarPlay but may stop by the high expenses of getting a new retrofit kit and the hassle of replacement? Autokit is a plug-and-play device that helps your problem be well solved. Just plug the device into the vehicle’s USB port, and you will get access to wireless CarPlay via Bluetooth connection.

Wireless CarPlay

Integrate your iPhone with your vehicle. Integrate your iPhone with your vehicle. With wireless CarPlay, you can just keep the iPhone in the pocket or in a backpack and obviously forget about cables. There’s no need to plug in the smartphone as long as you don’t need to recharge. You’re not losing anything with wireless CarPlay, as apps and playing music work exactly like with a cable.

Wired/ Wireless Android Auto

Integrate your Android phone with your vehicle. You can use Android Auto for various things, such as GPS navigation, playing your favorite media, app support, and calling contacts on our vehicles. The new version of Autokit allows you to use wireless Android Auto. The wireless connection is much easier and hassle-free.


 Voice Control

Wake up Siri at any time to make calls, music, and navigation to help you free your hands and make your travel more safely.

 Real-time Navigation

Support Apple Maps, Google, Waze, and other maps. All in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.

 Online Music

You can enjoy Spotify Pandora etc. Play your favorite music to make journey driving more enjoyable. And you can ask Siri to stop, start, or change the audio that you listen to while driving.

 Split-screen Review

Multiple Windows, Support iOS13 split-screen function. Just open multiple windows from the app in split view. You can use the navigation while enjoying music.

 Screen Mirrorlink

Android Phones and iPhones both support wired mirroring. Use Mirroring to stream or share content from your phone to your car screen. You can watch YouTube, TV news, photos, and videos.


 Instructions for Use

What's in the Box?

  • Autokit x 1

  • User manual x 1


  • Suitable for: Android Head Unit
  • Model: CPC200-Autokit/ CPC200-CCPA
  • Vehicle Head Unit Support: Android 4.2+ System;
  • Phone System: iPhone with iOS9+; Android 4.4+.
  • Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, etc.


Which version of Autokit should I choose?

We prefer to recommend our customers purchase the new version (CPC200-CCPA) of Autokit.
1. CPC200-CCPA built-in APK installs the pack, just find it and install it.
2. Support wired/ wireless Android Auto, more convenient and smarter.

How to use the product: (Wireless CarPlay)?

1. First Install the “AutoKit” APK to the car's Android head unit. (found APK in manual), and then Connect the CarPlay USB dongle with the Android head unit (via USB).
2. Confirm that the WiFi and Bluetooth functions of the iPhone are turned on (please make sure that it is not connected to any other devices at this time.)
3. Enter the iPhone's Bluetooth interface to find the product's Bluetooth signal (find AutoKit-****).
4. Click the signal "AutoKit-****" on the iPhone and enter the password "0000" to successfully connect to CarPlay.

Principle: CarPlay wireless connects, pairing established via Bluetooth, and data transmission via WIFI work.

How to use Wired CarPlay or Android auto?

1. First Install the “AutoKit” APK to the car Android head unit. (CPC200-CCPA built-in APK), and then Connect the CarPlay USB dongle with Android head unit (via USB).
2. Prepare a high-quality mobile phone usb data cable. Just connect the CarPlay Dongle to the iphone or Android phone. Simple plug and play.

Note: Your Android phone needs to have an "Android Auto" app.

How to upgrade the APK and Dongle?

1.Upgrade APK: Unplug the dongle first, then enter the APK settings, find the "check upgrade" button, and you will see the prompt of the latest version. Then click update and the APK is updated.

2. Upgrade dongle: Plug in the dongle to the car, then enter the APK settings and find "check upgrade", you will see the latest box version, and then click Update.

How to connect the Bluetooth?

1. Insert the CarPlay Dongle into your car.
2. Turn on the Wifi and Bluetooth.
3. Searching the Bluetooth and then entering the pin (0000).

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Wayne Dodson
Wireless works great

Make sure to get the correct wireless model. My first wireless purchase did not connect on my android aftermarket. Once I got the correct model worked better than my wired CarPlay model.

Shubham Singh
Best alternative for Carplay!

The product seems to be working just the way it should. Priority shipping and quality product. So far.. Fully Satisfied!

Thanks team Carlinkit

Suzanne Braccio
It works

Working great, thanks

Midhun Santhosh
Excellent and useful product

Very useful and excellent product. Its a blessing if you have an iphone and any android head unit with android version 4.4 and above. It also supports wired android auto.

First of all try installing the autokit application. If it installs and opens its 99% sure that it works.

Even the wireless connection is very smooth and have very less latency.

Shrinivas Kalburgi
Nice product super seller

The product is nice and works amazingly smooth.. good seller gives nice support throughout