Top 10 Car Dongles of 2022-Carlinkit 4.0, what special functions do I get from it this time?

I have always been a big fan of CarPlay. But an unpleasant purchasing experience from Aliexpress this May got me think that searching for a valuable product with good supportive technical team can really save you a lot of time on a daily basis especially when your schedule is tight.Since then, I have noticed that a professional support team( from really solved most of dongle problems I came across from Aliexpress. Most importantly, they even recommended some interesting features I haven't explored before ,which indeed bring me a lot of tangible benefits, so I came to realize that my life can be so intriguing with an appropriate adapter.

Why am I in favor of the dongle from carlinkitcarplay so much? What problems did I really encounter in Aliexpress? What is the special function of the dongle in carlinkitcarplay?That's what happened.

Actually, Carlinkit 4.0, which is called CPC200-CP2A, the day when I bought it from Aliexpress, the support team told me that it featured the wireless function and it had a variety of merits, to be specific, converting wired carplay/ Android auto to wireless, connecting automatically and flawlessly, plug and play function along with the merits of small, compact and unobtrusive shell and sleek design,but very soon after purchasing a Carlinkit 4.0 from Aliexpress, I found the service they provided was not that way they promised before, the dongle also appeared some problems like slow response, black screen issues, intermittent music play and disconnection issues etc, I made an attempt to contact the technique team in Aliexpress, they told me to change the frame rate as well as switch to background mode of the unit, but it seemed not working. So I started to search for the top-ranked carplay manufacturers, made some comparison from Google's search rankings and finally found the support team from gave me the professional solutions to those problems.

Actually,Carlinkit 4.0, when I used it for nearly two months after buying it from carlinkitcarplay, it has seldom appeared issues such as black screen or connection issues after I got the solution from FAQ in advance. Plus, they told me that the dongle,carlinkit 4.0, it not only offers the extensive setup options for Android and Apple mobile phones without switching and restarting trouble. Meanwhile,by reason of the wireless module being used, there are three antennas and it can achieve maximum connecting speed you can imagine ,so you would have less worry about that it would drop off disconnection suddenly.

Of course,with this intelligent product, CarlinKit 4.0, you don't need to dismantle the car. After the mobile phone is paired for the first time, it can be seamlessly connected automatically when the car is restarted, then a pleasant journey begins, which means that you don't need to choose a hand-off mode to get it connected again, so it can really save you some time for the joy in the journey .

Apart from this,the original car features - voice, touchscreen, knobs, and steering wheel controls are retained, they also support online upgrades and online technical guidance, so there is the reason why I can get the technique support from soon once I bought the adapter there( it only provides the service who buys the products from its store because of different configurations of dongles).

Most importantly, the special features I know from the Carlinkit store is that, it works with more than 98% factory wired CarPlay cars and they are equipped with USB Type-A and USB Type-C cables, so it is suitable for models of various brands and different sockets, making it easier for me and my family to use online navigation while listening to music and traveling by car.


In addition, the marvelous connection of getting a 5G Wi-Fi enables me to keep the phone in my pocket and the signal can be easily recognized, the real-time transmission also allows me to use the navigation or listen to music smoothly.Therefore, it really creates a pleasant, safe and stable driving environment for me,there is the primary cause for me to add it in my shopping list and get my enough attention to use it.

So, if you really want to encounter a good quality manufacturer to provide you with a good quality product such as carlinkit4.0 ,maybe you can choose for these tangible benefits it brings to me.

When you want to use your carplay, Android device for Android Auto on it, this CarLinkit 4.0 dongle, which will offer this ability in a nice and neat looking package with plenty of customization and configuration options to help it work well with a wide number of systems in the car model.