Carlinkit T2C tesla supports wireless carplay with the most convenient connection

So how can we use wireless carplay with Calinkit T2C tesla? As we know many car companies will support CarPlay, such as Honda, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and other car manufacturers, they have cooperated with Apple to carry the CarPlay function. But Tesla has never supported Apple's in-car system CarPlay. And that's where T2C comes in. As the name suggests, T2C is a kind of adapter that connects Tesla to Carplay wirelessly. And how does this first Tesla wireless carplay dongle perform?


wireless carplay for any tesla cars in 2022



Carlinkit T2C adapter upgradeTesla car to wireless Carplay. To use wireless Carplay, just place a SIM card in the T2C and connect your Tesla to the T2C using a USB cord. It is compatible with Tesla model 3/S/X/Y extremely well.


T2C adapter compatible with tesla model 3/S/X/Y

Product Features:

  1. A non-destructive, plug-and-play update for the tesla original car system
  2. Smooth and consistent dual-band WiFi transmission at 2.4G and 5G bandwidth
  3. Support OTA online updates, feedback, and promptly fix problems
  4. Use the interactive interface we created to interact with the screen as it was. swiftly get ready


carlinkit T2C wireless carplay adapter features

Product performance:

With T2C, you can upgrade your Tesla with wireless Apple Carplay, which means you can listen to music with your favorite application, make phone calls, summon the Siri assistant by voice, etc. T2C retains Tesla's original car screen operating system and adds an interactive interface adapted to it, allowing you to get started quickly and operate more smoothly. Once it connect, it appear to work fairly well. and after the first connectivity, there were no dropouts. This might be the case because the device's dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz stable wifi data transmission are essential to its improved connectivity. In terms of quickness, the connection felt almost like a factory-wired carplay one, and it was really quicker than most other CarPlay wireless connections.

 T2C wireless carplay adapter performance

T2C Set Up:

  1. Insert the SIM card into the card slot(not inserting the card will result in non-functional use)
  2. Plug the product into the car USB port, product installation tutorial, wifi signal: autokit--xxxx, click the upper right corner to turn on wi-fi to search for the product wifi signal, input the original password 88888888, be sure to click the "stay connected during driving" remain connection in drive .after the wifi connection is successful
  3. Enter the car screen browser page and enter the UPL in the address bar, website: Click on the top right corner to bookmark the site.
  4. Turn on iPhone wifi and Bluetooth. find and click to connect the Bluetooth signal displayed on the car screen on your phone. support automatic connection after pairing Multimedia Bluetooth connection instruction keep the phone connected to the car's Bluetooth.
  5. Connect to the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right of the car's screen to enter the " connect phone" interface find your phone's name and connect. music and sound will be played from the car stereo like voice assistant, music function display, and compatible steering wheel control, support more applications, real-time navigation

Note: If your location in North American and have issue with sim card network connection problems, please follow the Carlinkit T2C latest version update to fix it.



If you want to add CarPlay Wireless in your tesla car in the most convenient way, Carlinkit T2C is absolutely the favorable choice with a low cost. The most important thing is that does not affect tesla’s original system and can increase your enjoyment of wireless carplay instantly, but apart from an extra sim need to be inserted for a network connection, it works pretty well.

 T2c wireless apple carplay connect fast and stable for tesla cars


Carlinkit T2C adapter is the first adapter that can upgrade a Tesla car to wireless carplay without adding a screen unit —and as a result, if you want a device that can convert your tesla car's original system to a wireless CarPlay connection, this is the way to go.