2022 Very Powerful Android AI Box- Convert Your Car Screen To Android Tablet

Nowadays, car navigation and voice assistants like asking Siri for directions have become an essential part of our daily life while driving. Actually, Android Auto, a very intelligent system, which can provide Google map navigation for everyone, making our driving more easier.

Of course, before you purchase a dongle, you may have some thoughts just like what is the difference between Android Auto and Apply Carplay? Which is better, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay? What can I do with Android head unit?

Here comes an intelligent product, Android-Auto AI box, when we plug it in the car, we can have easy access to watch video, make phone calls, carry out google satellite positioning , watch different apps with split screen mode, enjoy voice navigation as well as listen to music via music apps like Pandora, Spotify, etc, super easy to get the function you would like.

Are you tired of plugging in your phone?Here comes a few Android-Auto AI box, including T-Box, T-box Mini, MMB AI Box,when booting up wirelessly, the connection is 90% good at all time.

When it refers to their function, it includes connecting your iPhone to the car via Carplay wirelessly, downloading YouTube and Netflix apps in the google play store, which means that you can watch YouTube and Netflix videos on original CarPlay display via Android Auto function, Android Auto enables your Android phone to connect the car via Android Auto wirelessly.

Meanwhile, it adopts the original car system for fast auto-connecting, which can release your hands for driving more safely, also it can avoid some potential risks, such as the potential danger caused by the cables in chaos besides the feet.

Follow the below steps to connect to the device with the vehicle via Bluetooth of your smart phone and then the Internet will be connected flawlessly.

  1. When we open the box, we can see the cute design of  AI box, it is quite compact and elegant , easy to carry around without occupying any space.
  2. When you connect your device and start the car, it would take a little longer for you to start at the beginning.
  3. When connecting with the Bluetooth via the phone, we can see the Android home page, then you can see the layout of it with AI box,then you can click right or left to select the apps.
  4. Before we start,we can check all the apps and its compatibility, then you can do a quick test to check how long it will take to connect to your system.
  5. It usually takes 30s to connect with the phone and then we are able to ask Siri for directions while driving and they popped up on the screen in a few seconds and guide me to drive more wisely. On top of that, with built-in GPS antenna, you can use navigation like Google map, Waze, Yandex, and more options.
  6. Most importantly, it is with huge memory capacity with Qualcomm 8 Cores, RAM: 4GB and ROM: 64 GB, 98% adaptability, so you can enjoy a large amount of film resources and unfreeze your mind when you take a good rest on the long journey.
Now I’m using it for AI Box for a few months, and it auto-connects for me as soon as I get in my car and start it which is a huge convenience. It avoid the fuss of cable connection and messing with cables shorting out. Sometimes, there is a slight delay when establishing the connection, but overall it goes pretty quickly, so you can feel rest assured to buy it.