2022 Powerful Version of AI Box, T-Box 9.0, 4GB+64GB, Support Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

How long are you struggling with the boring journey without enough film resources from Netflix or Youtube? Can you imagine to insert the SIM card with 4G network without occupying your smart phone with hotpot or Wifi? Have you thought about the split screen functions to watch two separate interfaces at the same time without having to switch the interface back and forth? Do you want to escape from the USB cables twisting in chaos and no longer worry about affecting your driving experience?

Here comes a very powerful Carlinkit AI box, T-box 9.0, which is loaded with impressive memory, 4GB+64GB, so it reduces stalls and lags caused by insufficient memory and supports the use of wireless Carplay&Android auto. When you watch Youtube and Netflix video on original car Carplay display, you can install and download bunches of apps from Google play store, making your driving much easier and full of much fun!

After reviewing the above video, you would know that plugging TF card into the slot in the T-box is a good way for you to find the VLC icon in the dashboard, later you will be surprised to realize that a large amount of Android device in the screen waiting for you to download, I bet you wouldn't be disappointed with the impressive functions of this small and intelligent AI box when you are on the road.

In addition, TF card in T-box with 64G capacity, which can be expanded to 128G, therefore we can install multiple apps, download Blu-ray HD movies as well as some wonderful TV series. Of course, you can also connect it to the internet via the hotpot in your phone, but it tends to age the battery. Since it is equipped with Qualcomm eight-core chip, supporting SIM card, 4G cellular network,built-in GPS, so even if your car has no navigation function, you can still apply map app through it. Meanwhile, it adds more likelihood to accelerate software processing speed and create a smooth user experience.
What's more, it configures two connecting lines to meet the needs of the original car for different USB or TYPE-C lines, which is super friendly to the car lover.
Apart from this, this Carlinkit AI Box equipped with a built-in smart Snapdragon chip which provides much safer and more stable performance than other Adapters, when you watch your favorite videos on Youtube or Netflix, use Google Map, Waze Map for browsing, you can also download any apps from Google Play Store in the main applications of the dashboard, such as Tiktok, Spotify, Google Assistant, Netflix, Youtube, etc.
I also want to reinforce the point that it saves much money to refit the original car system, you don't need to dismantle the car, remaining most of the functions of original cars such as Siri, touch screen, knob and steeling wheel as well as navigation would provide you with more possibility to drive at your will, so you don't need to change your driving habits. When you feel the thrill of immersive drive provided by the Carlinkit AI Box, you would never feel regretful to feel the ultra-smooth and decent driving experience.
If any of this still makes you feel not that wonderful, the smart split screen function would make your driving more remarkable, browsing two different interfaces, making hands-free calls with Android smartphone or iPhone while you are navigation on the road, or listening to music while playing games in the right end of screen, it seems very cool, right? Even if you want to mirror your phone to your car screen, it is totally feasible with the Android auto function in the interface, afterwards you don't actually need a phone when you boot it up with this function.
If you are seeking for a smart box with large capacity, this dongle with ISO 9.0 system and equipped with 4GB+64GB, will offer you more possibility to download in-vehicle applications and will support multi-task running at the same time, therefore the smooth driving experience will bring you fantastic experience everyday.