Why we actually need carlinkit 4.0 ?(You should see)

Why we actually need carlinkit 4.0 ?(You should see)

The time we spent in the car commuting to and from work every day is always in a hurry. How can we enjoy the joy of wireless connection in a short period of time without a mobile phone in our pocket? How to say goodbye to the hassle of cables and make every day of our life more efficient?It is not only a smart move that saves our money and time, it also saves our energy, later we can spend more time and energy on more meaningful things, don't you think it is very cool?

Here is a user-friendly product, (U2W Plus) Carlinkit 4.0, our market-leading product, it will make your wired CarPlay/Android Auto wireless(via Bluetooth and Wifi), providing a completely wireless experience. No need to take the extra step to plug it in, it can sit in your pocket. Or, if you leave the phone in a bag, you don't have to fish it out.

Actually, the U2W Plus dongle is a wireless CarPlay/Android adapter, that is suitable for 98% of existing wired CarPlay-enabled vehicles and wired CarPlay-enabled receivers. If you use both iPhone and Android Auto, you can choose Carlinkit 4.0. It is the FIRST wireless (Bluetooth + Wifi) CarPlay dongle on the market. With the 4.0 Version update, Carlinkit is the market standard in terms of stability, compatibility, and performance, so you don't have to worry about its quality.

Convenience is one merit of Carlinkit 4.0 for you to choose, because it can connect automatically and flawlessly, you just need to simply start the vehicle and the Carlinkit 4.0 adapter is already connected. First-time setup is super easy. Just plug in and choose it on the Bluetooth setting on the iPhone and that's it. After the initial connection, Carlinkit 4.0 adapter connects automatically and flawlessly as long as your iPhone is in the car and then the car is started, pretty cool, right?

Also, it is super easy to use,just plug and play, the Carlinkit Dongle has a USB-C Female port, but with most CarPlay enabled vehicles (and aftermarket installs), it features a female USB-A port, and the Carlinkit Dongle will attach to this port via USB-A on the opposite end of the cable and allow the Carlinkit to connect to your “Apple CarPlay” USB socket, it sounds very convenient,right?

Apart from that, it also has wonderful wireless capability to keep your phone wireless and you can enjoy fun in the journey all the time, here we can see the difference between having it or not.

Don't forget the brand new carbon fiber shell, the new model of Carlinkit 4.0 uses carbon fiber material, which scratches resistance and is anti-fingerprint. it is small, compact and unobtrusive,just fit inside the center console vertically or fix it with velcro in the glove box, then forget about it, it takes almost no space at all. You, therefore, no longer worry about the dongle falling to the ground and it is scratched if the vehicle bumped while driving. It makes the device last longer. What's more, you can get a long-lasting driving companion for a small price, is it a good deal?


After you have a glimpse about the merits of the products,(U2W Plus) Carlinkit 4.0, maybe you also want to know its specification, here you can get the information about its SPEC.