How to choose the best T-box in 2022? Follow 3 steps to get it!!!

How to choose the best T-box in 2022? Follow 3 steps to get it!!!

Have you ever encountered the situation when you drove out in the morning ,expecting to have some fun in the short journey, but you are plagued by a mess of connection cables in a loose or damaged socket.

Most importantly,the data cable and charging cables always distract you from driving, you may probably keep your phone easily lost in the car, very annoying, right?

Generally speaking, the time in the morning is quite tight, so how to choose a suitable wireless adapter,it does matter,right? How to choose?

Following the steps below, you can easily get a wonderful wireless dongle for making your journey more entertaining.

  • Step 1
  • Make some comparison among the adapters and choose it via your preference
    • If you prefer a light and thinner product with good performance,T-box mini is really awesome, making sure your vehicles with factory Apple CarPlay,this is critically important.
    • You know, TBox Mini is a Multimedia Video Box with an Android 11.0 system that supports an independent 4G sim card. It supports the upgrade of wired Carplay to WIRELESS Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto to WIRELESS Android Auto. You can install any apps from Google Android Play Store, it’s plug-and-play, no additional installation costs. What I want to mention is that it is without damage to any part of the original car, so it has good performance in achieving more wonderful audio-visual entertainment in the journey.
  • Step 2
  • What kind of benefits it can bring to you.
    • T-box mini has a thinner appearance, which can save space in the car. Moreover, it has become more functional. It supports both wireless Carplay and wireless Android auto.So Improving your driving experience and expanding your car infotainment system in all aspects is extremely practical,right?
  • Step 3
  • What other functions it has after make comparison with other adapters?
    • This device is an exciting technology for anyone who wants to go wireless with a wired CarPlay and Android Auto system. This is ideal for short trips. You can keep your phone in your pocket all the time, use Carplay and Android Auto wirelessly, and say goodbye to cumbersome cables. So which really drives a safe driving experience for you and your family!
    • Apart from that, it is with independent 4G High-Speed Mobile Internet and dual Bluetooth configuration.
    • Frequent hotspots on your smartphone will accelerate the aging of the battery. We equipped our adapter with an Qualcomm eight-core processor chip, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, and an independent Android 11.0 running version, which guarantees the processing speed. The T-Box Mini also supports an independent 4G sim card, which means that your car will no longer need to rely on the hotspot of the mobile phone to access the Internet, and you can also share the hotspot with other devices. Just let your phone lie quietly in your jeans pocket.Beside this, the AI Box also has a dual Bluetooth configuration, the Bluetooth frequency is 4.2 BLE +5.0BLE.


A wonderful and fantastic adapter like T-box Mini, it not only saves your time in the short trips, also it can meet your emotional needs and make your day trip extremely entertaining, so why not take actions for the expected beautiful life in the future? If any questions, please don't hesitate to contact, thanks.