Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay for the Win

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay for the Win

Since its release on March 10, 2014, CarPlay has become one of the most sought-after options in today’s cars. With the exception of a few of the newest car models, most vehicles still require a Lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the USB port in your car.

Why are few cars offer wireless Apple Carplay? There are two main reasons:

1. Long certification cycle: The certification cycle of wired CarPlay is about half a year, but the wireless certification cycle will be longer. If it does not go well, it may not catch up with the product release time;

2. High cost: If wireless CarPlay is added, adding Wi-Fi function will also increase the hardware cost.

When it comes to wireless Carplay, there are many advantages of wireless Carplay:

1. Reduce the trouble of connection:

  • Say goodbye to a tangle of threads
  • Save a wire
  • Free up a USB port
  • iPhone placement is less restricted

2. Speed up the connection process of CarPlay, easy installation, plug and play;

Easy to install, plug and play. When the car is turned on, it will start to reconnect to CarPlay, which is a very good experience.

3. Easy to manage and switch multiple iPhones;

In the case of wireless, multiple devices can be connected to the network at the same time, and devices can be switched at any time as needed.

To get wireless Carplay, several different solutions have come out. However, most aftermarket solutions are full head unit replacements that require practical skill or a professional installer to retrofit. It's a complicated and often expensive proposition that turns away many users.

If you have been looking for a wireless CarPlay solution for cheap, you may not need to retrofit your car or get a new car. Check out Carlinkit wireless Carplay adapters to experience Apple CarPlay in a whole new way. Without losing any system functionality, installation is simple and the functionality is as complete as the original system.

The working principle of Wireless carplay:

1. Bluetooth connection between iPhone and car. (discovery, setting, pairing, etc.)
2. The car sends the Wi-Fi certificate to the iPhone.
3. After the Wi-Fi connection between the iPhone and the car is completed, the creation of the CarPlay session is completed.
4. Bluetooth is disconnected.

Why the Bluetooth will be disconnected?

The reason is to avoid distractions.

Principle: Most of the wireless CarPlay currently used only supports the 2.4 GHz frequency band, while Bluetooth uses the 2.4 GHz, frequency band. If the frequencies of the two overlap, they will interfere with each other. There will be phenomena such as slow connection speed, failure to connect, weak signal, and skipping of Bluetooth audio. Wireless CarPlay, on the other hand, relies on Wi-Fi. If there is interference, it may cause slow data transmission and cause lag. Or the connection speed is slow, the connection is not good, etc. Therefore, Apple will ask CarPlay to disconnect Bluetooth after the connection is completed, in order to avoid interference.

In addition to disconnecting Bluetooth, another solution is to use Wi-Fi that supports the 5GHz band. CarPlay supports Wi-Fi in the 5GHz frequency band is still relatively small in the current car's original car. The third-party CarPlay modules or adapter boxes (wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay) on the market already partially support it. It is recommended that you choose this one that supports 5GHz CarPlay when purchasing. (Carlinkit AI Box supports 5GHz WIFI.)

Wireless connection
: After Bluetooth pairing for the first time, as soon as you start the vehicle, it will automatically connect wirelessly to start CarPlay without additional operations. The hand-off between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi was seamless and once the connection was made, it was rock solid. You simply sit down in your car, turn it on, and Dongle springs to life, automatically connecting to your iPhone without it ever leaving your pocket.

Main usage scenarios: navigation, listening to music.

1. Simple and smooth + wireless, native iOS interactive experience.

Connecting to CarPlay is like a large iPhone. The logic of use is basically the same as that of the iPhone. Most of the apps that can be displayed are podcasts. Automatically connect, start the car and connect automatically. Add another wireless charging, and you don't need to leave a data cable in the car!

2. Real-time navigation, throw away the annoying mobile phone bracket.

Now there is no need for such a cumbersome thing as a mobile phone holder, which is unstable and rattling! CarPlay directly uses the Waze or Google map, and the real-time navigation information is comprehensively displayed.

3. Music synchronization record + my favorite playlist.

CarPlay will synchronize the mobile phone's listening records and favorite playlists, and the daily personalized radio stations can also be played synchronously. The interface is very beautiful, and the lyrics are fully displayed. Up and down switching can be operated through the steering wheel buttons.

4. Siri voice control.

Siri is capable of making calls, sending messages, navigating, and ordering songs. The received information will be read out by voice. In addition, making calls is very convenient. Compared with using Bluetooth, the phone experience of CarPlay is closer to the iPhone operation.


The Bottom Line

This is the era of the boxes for cars! The new tech offers far more advanced features to make our life easier. According to your model and your needs, choose a wireless adapter you like. Make the most out of it where you’re on the go and avail of its many features. You will enjoy the daily driving!

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