What special benefits can we actually get from Carlinkit 4.0 VS 3.0?

What special benefits can we actually get from Carlinkit 4.0 VS 3.0?

Many people know that Carlinkit 4.0 is a newer model with fast connection than U2W Plus Carlinkit 3.0, does anybody have any personal experience with this wireless Carplay adapter?

From my personal experience, I'm convinced that it can create a strong viewer response,also viewers will have more emotional involvement entangled with this product.

But in addition to this, maybe you don't know that what other benefits make it popular among consumers, now let's take a look at this wonderful product.

From what I know before using it, Calinkit4.0 is an upgraded version of 3.0, which adds a wireless Android auto function on the basis of the original. So basically it's with some stability and performance optimization. Of course, it is advantageous in the appearance and performance, such as the carbon fiber shell and super cooling chip,which makes it easy to display its wonderful performance.

Apart from this,its siri voice call,support massive apps as well as the stability of original car control function make it more easier and convenient to operate than (U2W plus) 3.0.

What is the difference between Carlinkit 4.0 vs 3.0?

One of the merits is that it can support wireless Carplay/ Android Auto now,so which means that you can use the device With IPhone Or Android Phones,which is advantageous than Carlinkit 3.0

Of course, we cannot emphasize the importance of using the fiber layer to avoid fingerprint retention and makes the device more cleaner and more elegant. Meanwhile, the navy blue color is the newly released color of the device, making it look more modern.

Before you make your decision to buy the products, I guess you need to spend some time to get a glance at the below merits of Carlinkit 4.0, it is the buying guide for your further information.

If your car has a factory Android Auto, you can use an android Phone.

For me,it is not only a wireless Carplay Dongle, but it also has its own android Car System, which means that you can run any android compatible App from the Google Play Store on your Carplay display, which means that you can say goodbye to wired and get wireless freedom forever, sounds pretty convenient,right?

Now the following connection steps are for your reference.

First, please insert the adapter into the car's USB port.

Second, turn on the Wifi and Bluetooth of the iphone/Android phone.

Then you can enter the Bluetooth interface of the Iphone/Android phone and search for the Bluetooth name displayed on the car screen.

Finally click to connect.

Of course, it also supports bunches of apps, such as google map, podcast, gaode map, etc...

USB plug and play makes the fast connection possible.

Just plug the product into the original car's USB /TYPE-C data interface to achieve wireless connection.After connecting the box's bluetooth for the first time, it will automatically connect the next time when you use Carplay,Most importantly, auto connection make it user-friendly to get its good performance .

Don't forget the intelligent system ,it is lightweight and compact, no core, more stable and smooth operation.

Real-time navigation

You can download mainstream map software and then it can achieve the real-time navigation.

Intelligent online upgrade optimizes the experience at all times.

You can simply enter the upgrade address in the mobile browser to upgrade online version, feedback, background setting, etc, sounds pretty cool, right?

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