Top 10(T-Box) Impressive Full-Android AI box-Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet.

T-box/AI Box, a Multimedia Video Box,it can not only support wireless Carplay/Android Auto, but it can also convert your car screen to Android Tablet, sounds pretty intriguing,right?

Nowadays, we have already entered the era of mobile Internet with the leaps and bounds of technology,so we are accustomed to this kind of Internet service anytime and anywhere no matter who we stay with,it sometimes creates some good bonds with the people nearby us.

But many cars are still stuck in the dilemma of operation interface of the last century.Therefore, it would be great if some famous apps could be installed like a retrofit Android car or turn our car screen into a smart tablet,later it would boost our life quality and improve our user experience while driving.

Here is a video explaining how the dongle can be used smartly with the steps of the manual instruction and then you can fully grasp its operation.

Inside the package, it consists of 1*Carplay AI Box, 1*Type-A to Type-C cable,1*Type-C to Type-C cable, 1*User Manual and 1*Packing Box.

By using the google play store, you can download apps to use directly on your vehicle's screen, later you can get familiar with steering wheel control, OEM knob/joystick control, touch screen control and voice assistant control with factory MIC.

Since we built-in GPS antenna,so you can use navigation like google map, Waze,Yandex, and more options.

Regarding its connection speed, it is super fast, only 30s , because it is 5G network with amazing connecting speed.

On top of that, it is adaptable with 98% car models as well as the impressive storage space, with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM separately.

Why we need a T-Box ?

Actually, using the T-box correctly in the right time and place, it can save your time, effort and money.

Think about it,the cost of retrofitting a car is about 800-1500 USD. For example, the cost of installing an Alpine Multimedia digital media receiver is about 1,200 USD, and the cost of installing a Pioneer digital multimedia receiver is about 800 USD. These data can be found on its official website.

However,the price of wireless Carplay adapter on the market is generally around 120 USD. Why not spend an extra $140 to get your car with features that will cost $1,000? It will save you hundreds of dollars and bring you convenience for getting rid of annoying cables with wired Android Auto.


What is its typical features and the tangible benefits it can bring us?

When it comes to the features of T-box, converting your original Car Screen to Android Tablet is one of its advantages. Compared to some other AI boxes, T-Box has a slimmer profile, millions of apps in Google Play, nothing could be more exciting than enjoying an impressive space with exclusive and driving-video-audio integrated ,right?

Besides, to enjoy your favorite Netflix episodes, TikTokYouTubeAudible books, and even online games in the interval is time-enjoying process while taking a break in the road. Above all, if you're still chagrined by missing out on supporting your favorite team, imaging the thrill of being able to see real-time matches with your friends henceforth.

On top of that, T-Box Support Wireless Carplay& Wireless Android Auto!

T-Box can convert your wired CarPlay to Wireless, and supports wireless Android Auto. After the first manual connection, it will be connected automatically. Getting rid of the annoying cables, It is the easiest way to bring wireless CarPlay & Autokit to your vehicle.

T-Box is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. It is suitable for 2017 and up years vehicle and would be used on 98% of the head unit with original wired Carplay. For more details, please refer to the vehicle support list at the bottom.

Independent 4G High-Speed Mobile internet

Frequent hotpots on your smartphone will accelerate the aging of the battery. Supporting independent 4G sim card means that your car will no longer need to rely on the hotpot of the mobile phone to get access to the Internet, and you can also share the hotpot with other devices. Just let your phone lie quietly in your jeans pocket , very convenient,right?

Turn Your Car Into A private Online Theater!

Since the covid-19 virus began to spread, going to the cinema will increase your risk of infection. Why not use the comfortable environment and audio multimedia system in the car to turn your car into a private multimedia theater? Especially for those vehicles equipped with top stereo systems such as the Sound of BerlinHarman, etc., there is a little waste of this configuration without watching movies or TV shows.

You can also use it to watch live broadcasts such as the Super Bowl and NBA. It's a completely immersive viewing experience without being disturbed.

Enjoy the Internet App Service According to your needs.

If you would like to install and use any apps like NetflixYouTubeInstagramTikTokSpotifyMetroZoneHuluDisney+Google Play GamesHBO MaxPluto TVXboxDiscovery+, etc, you deserve the TBox, it is worth buying.

You can also watch moviesplay games and interact with the Apps any time without the usage of your mobile phone.

What can we actually do to facilitate our good experience of using this wireless dongle?

It is important to note that if you don't have factory wired CarPlay, the T-Box may not suit your vehicle.

In addition, it is Only for the vehicles that come with wired CarPlay.

If your screen supports the touch screen function, you will get the best experience.

The supported models are attached at the end of the official store, please read it before purchasing.

Finally, regarding the compatibility problems, you can refer to the FAQs list in for more information, then you won't feel regret purchasing this product.

To sum up, if you want to improve your driving experience with a smart device, which can Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet, meanwhile watching multiple videos, listening to music play etc, you can link it to Carlinkit Carplay official store for more specifications and compatibility list in advance for improving your driving experience.

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