How To Review Wireless adapter Carlinkit 4.0 wisely In 2022?

How To Review Wireless adapter Carlinkit 4.0 wisely In 2022?

 Why do you need wireless Carplay?

Here is a video about the description of Carlinkit 4.0, not only converting your wired Carplay into wireless , but also saving your time and energy while driving.

Here, CarLinkit 4.0 joins a growing number of other multi-platform 2-in-1 dongles,if you only have a CarPlay system and you want to use your Android device for Android Auto on it, the options are limited and this CarLinkit 4.0 dongle offers this ability in a nice way with a number of configuration options to help it work well with a wide number of CarPlay systems in the car, thereby making me recommend this adapter.

What Is Wireless adapter Carlinkit 4.0?

The U2W Plus dongle is a wireless CarPlay/Android adapter that is suitable for 98% of existing wired CarPlay-enabled vehicles and wired CarPlay-enabled receivers. If you use an iPhone and your vehicle supports wired CarPlay or these Aftermarket Head-Units (Alpine/ Pioneer/ Kenwood...), you can choose the Carlinkit 3.0. If you use both iPhone and Android Auto, you can choose Carlinkit 4.0. It is the FIRST wireless (Bluetooth + Wifi) CarPlay dongle on the market. With the updated 4.0 Version , Carlinkit is the market standard in terms of stability, compatibility, and performance.

If you have a factory wired Carplay, this dongle simply inserts into its USB port and it will enable wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on your CarPlay display.

When you open the box of Carlinkit 4.0, you would get a small paper manual with instructions on how to install the dongle and how to connect it wirelessly to your iPhone or your Android device, including the wireless dongle itself along with two charging cables. It consists of One USB C to USB A and one USB C to C cable for more modern CarPlay systems.

Plus,it has a boot up menu with the dongle plugging into the USB port, then it will immediately start its main menu interface.

In this boot screen, you can either go back to your car’s own system menu screen or you can enter the dongle’s own settings .Both iPhone and Android devices will be listed here and can be tapped on to pair the selected device immediately.

How To use U2W Carlinkit 4.0 wisely in 2022?

Step one: Connect adapter to your car.

Step two: Pair adapter with your phone via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Enjoy wireless Carplay!

It's important to note that if your car has USB port C and USB port A at the same time, please insert the dongle to the USB port A with a type A-C cable first. If the dongle doesn't work and no light is on, please try to insert the dongle to the USB port C with a Type C-C cable.

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To sum up, I love this product, U2W carlinkit 4.0, because there are no annoying cables, converting your wired Carplay/Android auto to wireless especially good for a long-distance trip. Although it is with a slight video stutter when using touch navigation sometimes. But it performs pretty stable most times, also it works pretty well with both Android and iPhone, so it would be a good choice for you to choose if you are irritated with bunches of cables in the vehicle.

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