How to activate U2W Carlinkit 3.0/4.0 and solve most typical problems from them?

How to activate U2W Carlinkit 3.0/4.0 and solve most typical problems from them?

For U2W Carlinkit products,regarding how to activate U2W Carlinkit 3.0/4.0, you need to note that the First-time setup is super easy, you just need to plug in the dongle to the USB port and then pair the Bluetooth setting on the Phone and later it will connect wirelessly. After the initial connection, Carlinkit 3.0/4.0 adapter connects automatically and flawlessly as long as your Phone is in the car and then the car is started.

Once you activate U2W Carlinkit 3.0/4.0, there may exist some problems and you can follow some prompts as below to get typical issues solved.

Q1: Does the device have to work with WiFi or Bluethooth? If your car doesn't have WiFi, what can you do?

Generally speaking, the adapter U2W Carlinkit 3.0/4.0 has WiFi and Bluetooth hardware,so it connects with Bluetooth and sends the WiFi credentials to the phone, then disconnects from the Bluetooth network. Thereby working solely on WiFi from that point on.

Q2: How can I know whether my car has the wired Carplay or not?

1. Plug the iPhone (running IOS 10 or newer) directly into the car via a USB cable and check whether Carplay is displayed on the car screen.

2. If there is a CarPlay icon in the car stereo menu, your car has a built-in Wired CarPlay

3. To see if your vehicle is included in the vehicle compatibility list on our product's page, please click here to check:

4. Contact your car dealer for help.

Q3: Wireless CarPlay connection problems. 

scenario one:More connection problems after connecting Carplay successfully(the indicator light changed from red to the green light breathing state). 

Problem 1: When you get in the car, the dongle can't connect automatically, you have to plug it in and out manually so that the dongle can be recognized.

Solution:1. Connect the Carplay successfully first and then input in the mobile browser to access the maintenance interface.2. Try to set the startup delay to 0 seconds.

Problem 2: The Carplay frequently disconnects while driving.


1. Check if there is a USB protocol version option in the settings of your vehicle head unit, if there is, please select version 2.0.

2. Check if another third-party USB extension is used. USB cables passing through another HUB or over 80 cm in length may cause the connection to be unstable and need to be removed before you attempt to connect the dongle.

3. After successfully connecting to Carplay, input the mobile browser to access the maintenance interface. Try switching compatibility Mode to Compatible state.

4. Restore the Carlinkit 3.0 and your head unit to factory settings. Blog Link:

Scenario two: Connecting successfully but disconnects (becomes unconnected) quite frequently. Also the dongle WiFi it is connecting to says"no internet connection. Low data mode.

Overview: Reset the U2W. Restore the WiFi and Bluetooth signal in your mobile phone. Then, Restart your mobile phone, re-connect the dongle with the car.

Step 1: Reset the U2W as below steps:

Scan the QR code on the product's manual and input in your mobile browser;

Click the Settings button on the page, and then click the Reset button.

For more detailed information about how to reset the box please refer to our blog link:

Step 2: Restore the wifi and Bluetooth signal in your mobile phone:

Click “WIFI icon” in the upper left corner of the product main interface and press and hold the phone name to delete. 

Ignore the current Bluetooth name on the phone.

Step 3: Restart your mobile phone, re-connect the dongle with the car just like the first time you do.

Plus, you can check if the mobile phone has access restrictions to turn on, making sure that the phone’s WIFI is in a working state; if you missed the connection tip when connecting the dongle to Bluetooth: you can click “Enable Wireless CarPlay”; pair the corresponding Bluetooth on the mobile phone to select the CarPlay icon.

Q4: No pop-up screen connected to the device.

You can reset the head unit to to factory Settings and then plug in the dongle to the charger and reset it, later plugging it in again.

After we have got a general idea on how to activate U2W Carlinkit 3.0/4.0 and solve some common issues from them, we would know how to use this smart and intelligent adapter more wisely, not only saving our time for enjoying life, but also making our life more organized without having to see bunches of annoying cables in the vehicle.