Wireless carplay and wireless Androdi Auto

How much do you know about wireless carplay?

I'm getting stuck with CarPlay, should I get a new phone? So, can changing phones really make CarPlay smoother?

Let's first look at the simple workflow of CarPlay:

Firstly, the iOS system encodes the application on the mobile phone. For example, the mobile phone runs AutoNavi map, and the system encodes the video stream according to the resolution of the car.

Secondly, the encoded data is transmitted to the vehicle end through the connection channel, the connection channel includes two ways: data line connection and WiFi connection.

Thirdly, the vehicle terminal decodes and displays the received encoded data, mainly including video and sound.

Last but not the least, the car device sends the touch information back to the mobile phone, and the mobile phone responds, such as switching songs by pressing the buttons on the car device.

Through the above-mentioned CarPlay operation process, it can be seen that the mobile phone is equivalent to the computer's CPU + memory + hard disk, and the car is equivalent to the computer's graphics card. Speaking of workload alone, the burden on the mobile phone may be greater. Does that mean that changing the mobile phone can make CarPlay smoother?

In actual use, the lag is more caused by the car and the machine. The main reason is the gap between the performance of mobile phones and the performance of cars. Even the iPhone 7 released 6 years ago has stronger computing power than the current mainstream car computers, which means that I will still have a computer with a high host configuration and a poor graphics card configuration. If I want to make the computer run more smoothly, not Instead of changing the CPU, it should be replaced with a new graphics card.

So, if you're still using an iPhone 6, it's possible to change your phone to make CarPlay run more smoothly, but if you're using an iPhone 8 and above, it's enough to run CarPlay.

The questions about carplay and mobile phones have been solved. Let us think of "How much do you know about the relationship between Bluetooth and WIFI?" Some people may still have doubts. So, what is the role of Bluetooth and WIFI in the process of realizing wireless CarPlay?

At present, the Carplay function that comes with many car machines often requires a data cable to connect. Some car owners find it inconvenient, so they want to implement the wireless Carplay function. To put it bluntly, the wireless Carplay here is the connection between the mobile phone and the car through Bluetooth and WIFI. The general process of connection is as follows:

First, the iPhone and the car are connected via Bluetooth, then the car will send the WIFI certificate to the iPhone, and then the iPhone and the car will be connected via WIFI, and finally, the Carplay session is created.

After the Carplay session between the phone and the car is created, the Bluetooth can be disconnected, and there is no need to use Bluetooth to connect in the future.

As for the reason why it is recommended to disconnect Bluetooth, it is mainly because of the wireless CarPlay we use. Most WIFI supports the 2.4 GHz frequency band, and Bluetooth also uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The overlapping frequencies of the two will interfere with each other. If the WIFI we use supports 5GHz, we don't need to disconnect the Bluetooth, because the two will not cause interference.

When we use wireless Carplay, when the connection speed is slow, the connection is not connected, the signal is weak, and the Bluetooth audio jumps, it can basically be judged that it is caused by the simultaneous connection of Bluetooth and WIFI.

In this case, if it does not return to normal after we disconnect the Bluetooth, it may be interfered with by other wireless devices in the car, such as Apple Watch, driving recorder, car audio, etc.

After reading this article, do you know more about Wireless Carplay? Is it necessary to buy a wireless carplay adapter? This article gave the answer.

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