How Can We Use The New Upgraded Android Version CarPlay AI Box Wisely?

Since I have got a new car, I have been searching for a wireless way to connect with my Carplay in an easy way, my friends have recommended me with some dongles, including Carlinkit 4.0, Carlinkit AI box Android 9.0, Carlinkit AI box Android 11.0,Carlinkit MMB AI Box,but I am struggling with choosing the cost-effective one. Therefore I have asked myself several questions, what is Android AI box?Does this AI box work with Audroid Auto? If my phone is Android phone, can I use Apple CarPlay with it? Do I have to pay for Android Auto.

Actually, I often participate in some social activities, so I keep on thinking how to buy some affordable gadgets to send to my friends as gifts and tell them how to use it wisely, therefore strengthening the relationship.

After some comparison, I finally chose T-box mini, also named new Multimedia Video Box,which supports the wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto, it seems that all of my worries are misplaced. This little unit helps me with smooth,quick and wireless connection when I follow the below steps as it shows in the instruction manual, it is very easy installation and software preparation.

  1. Insert the connection line of this product into the USB port of the car, and wait for it to successfully enter the main interface of the Android system and turn on the WiFi or insert the SIM card externally to use.
  2. Install the external SIM card, open the icon of the phone, add existing contacts, or open the Bluetooth phone icon to pair with the mobile phone’s Bluetooth, and the contacts on the phone will be displayed synchronously on the car screen when the pairing is successful.
  3. When wireless CarPlay or Wireless Android Auto is connected to AutoKit, after entering AutoKit, click the Bluetooth icon in the upper left corner to enter the Bluetooth pairing interface, you can pair the phone with Bluetooth, and then return to AutoKit after successful pairing.
  4. Here comes the APP install application,you can open the google play store to download massive APP software,it also shows the split screen function for avoiding to switch back and forth.
  5. As an adapter lover, a proper unit with sleek design and thinner size, it really fits me well and provides me with more legroom,no annoying cables. After having used it for a few weeks, I am accustomed to using it and take advantage of application I rarely used before.Therefore I sent this smart module to my best friend when I participated in some parties sometimes, he was very happy that this intelligent gadget changed the phone to a flawless wireless version and absolutely no fuss without any annoying cables to distract him while driving. I was worried initially about compatibility and how multiple devices would be handled, but it’s quite simply flawless.
This AI Box indeed offers me the necessary functions for wireless CarPlay or Android Auto with the added bonus of Netflix and YouTube at a much more appealing price than some options, so when I turn my CarPlay or Android Auto connection into a wireless one, it is super easy to pair and install, it can be a huge convenience when stepping in and out of my car.
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