Guide to the 5 Best Wireless CarPlay Adapter in 2022

Guide to the 5 Best Wireless CarPlay Adapter in 2022

Apple's convenient ecosystem is one of the reasons why the iPhone is so popular. you can use all kinds of connected devices on your MacBook at any time or control your other devices through Siri. But often, while you can use your smartphone to control almost everything in your home, car control remains elusive. For example, cars use their onboard circuits for GPS, radio control, other applications, etc.

That started to change with the introduction of Apple CarPlay in 2014. Apple CarPlay is an automotive application that pairs your car with your iPhone. It uses your car's dashboard for call control, voice-to-text, and other features. You can also call up the music and even ask for directions. The supported apps even have larger buttons and a dedicated car interface. You can now use many phone apps in your car that were impossible before.

If you connect Apple Carplay to your car via a cable.It will distract you from driving and increases the risk of car accidence. This is where wireless adapters come in handy. Today, we'll begin with our brand, Carlinkit 3.0, while searching for the 5 best Apple CarPlay wireless adapters in 2022. Which one is best for you? Let's dig a little deeper and see what we uncover!


Carlinkit 3.0

The Carlinkit 3.0/ U2W Plus is a small, light dongle that plugs directly into your car. It makes of carbon fiber material, with rounded edges that provide better shock resistance than sharp corners. The shell is 3.14 inches in length, 1.81 inches in width, and 0.51 inches thick. It comes with a short type A-C USB cable that is easily replaceable if it gets damaged. There’s also a bright green LED bar on the front of the housing, which lights up when it’s plugged in.

The Carlinkit 3.0 works only in vehicles that already come with wired factory CarPlay. Its newest version (release around 20th-30th, May) supports both wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto. It will work with any smartphone and requires Bluetooth and WiFi connection. The first time you pair it with the car, please select a tie adapter from your phone’s Bluetooth menu. After the initial pairing, it will utilize the WiFi connection. It also connects whenever you return to your vehicle automatically.



The Autokit is specially made for aftermarket head units. It has a slimmer profile and no LED indicator. The housing has a similar rectangular shape, albeit with a matte finish instead of a satin one. It has two versions: CPC200-Autokit and CPC200-CCPA. The CCPA model converts your Carplay/ Android auto to wireless while the Autokit only supports wired/ wireless Carplay and wired Android auto. The best part is you don't need to download the Autokit.apk in the dongle if you choose the CCPA version since it has a built-in apk.



If Carlinkit 3.0 and Autokit exist as an adapter for wireless connection between Carplay and the car, then T-Box can be regarded as an independent Android 9.0 system, which converts your car screen into an Android tablet and upgrades your in-Car Infotainment system. The T-box is the most functional Carplay adapter of Carlinkit so far in 2022. In addition to supporting wireless Carplay and wireless Android auto, the most beautiful thing is that you can enjoy watching Youtube, Nexflix, Tiktok, and other videos in the car, without missing any live broadcast your like. Besides, you can download a million applications in the Google Play Store. The experience will be better if you get a Bluetooth air mouse. If you are worried that the T-box consumes your mobile data and occupies the memory of your mobile phone, you can also insert a SIM card and TF memory card into the dongle, so that you can call your contacts without your phone. At the same time, if you have no luck meeting a traffic jam and the signal in the car is not good, you can play the offline movie which already been downloaded to the storage card or the box in advance.



MMB Android AI Box is another wireless Carplay/Android Auto AI Box like the Carlinkit AI box. It runs the Android 11 system. It is compatible with the vehicle with factory wired Carplay. The most interesting feature of this box is that added an HDMI port. This means you can link it to any HDMI input screen device. Such as a TV screen, computer screen, laptop screen, and headrest screen. Meanwhile, there is a USB port on the box. Imagine that. When you connect the wireless gamepad to the Ai box in the car. Then download your favorite game on the Google play store, and you can enjoy the fun of the game in the car! This box has a cool boot animation of about 10-20s, you can also replace it with a warm video of your family. In this way, every time you connect the AI box, you can see the carefree smiles of your lover and children. How wonderful is this?


Carplay Smart Box Wireless Box Plus 

Carplay Smart Box Wireless Box Plus is a new coming box that will be launched soon on Kickstarter. Its function is almost the same as the latest version of Carlinkit 3.0. But it supports screen mirroring and cast, which allows you to cast the phone's documents, videos, music, photos, etc., to the car screen. It breakthrough the screen limitations of some Apple/Android mobile games through the screen mirroring/cast function, and make your game visuals even more shocking!

Which one of these wireless adapters is best will depend mostly on what car you’re driving. In terms of signal strength alone, the Carlinkit slightly outperforms the others. It’s compatible with many vehicles from 2016-to 2022, although it’s by no means universal. That said, it’s the best choice for any compatible vehicle.

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