Give your car wireless CarPlay and Android Auto with the AI T-Box

Give your car wireless CarPlay and Android Auto with the AI T-Box

Buying a box with a market price of USD 269.99 is equivalent to buying about 1.5 carlinkit3.0. How can it set such a high price and still be welcomed by customers? Are you also hesitating about whether it is worth buying? You will find the answer after reading this article.

Let's appreciate the AI box's appearance together first. This AI box is a square design, both the length and width are 79.8mm, thick is 13mm. As you can see on the surface, some small holes of different sizes are designed on the four sides, like a small speaker or subwoofer, giving people a relaxed feeling.

wireless Ai box with android autoThe value determines the price, and the reflection of the value is not only related to the unique design of the appearance but also related to the use function of the product. To this end, I have compiled a few features with good feedback:

1. Work independently with a SIM card.

carlinkit-tbox-smart-ai-box, work independently

If you put a SIM into this directly, it'll act as a phone all on its own, use independently as an Android Auto device, with a full range of Google apps and account syncing.

If it has a SIM, the Ai box can then also act as a wifi hotspot. If I used a SIM card in this unit it'd have its own phone number, unless it was a SIM from a provider that allows number sharing. That still gets me SMS text messages and google account syncing.

I keep the device constantly connected to the USB port and have installed a dedicated SIM card so that I always have 4G access whenever I start the car, without having to connect to my phone. Compared with my iPhone 11 Pro max, it shows a stronger signal than my phone. I use an apk mirror to load video apps like Disney+Google, it is not hard to use.

2. You can download apps from the Play store and the apps could be installed and worked well. Besides, you can install anything you want from the Google Play store, for example, my kids love watching YouTube and Netflix, these apps will of course be used more frequently in my car. Meanwhile, I particularly like that I can use the full Play Store app to download whatever apps I want.

TBox-connect to vehicle, and wireless carplay

3. Split Screen Automatically via auto adaptation tech. In this case, it will automatically split-screen display according to different screen resolutions, and it will intelligently identify the resolution of the car screen to determine whether the split-screen function can be provided. It allows for many customizations if it supports split- screens. If you want full screen navigation using google maps or waze it's possible just ask your seller for the code and enable in settings.

4. Supporting both wireless carplay and wireless Android Auto. Some features like using an iPhone wirelessly for CarPlay are the same as Carlinkit 3.0. But this small Ai box supports wireless Android Auto as well, you could use an Android phone wirelessly (acts as a go-between, emulating Car Play into the PCM). It means that the Ai box adds wireless Apple-CarPlay/Android-Auto and also turns your screen into a full Android tablet.

support wireless carplay and wireless android auto

But how can I set up this great box? The instructions are listed as follows.

1. Insert the connection line of this product into the USB port of the car, and wait for it to successfully enter the main interface of the Android system and turn on the WiFi or insert the SIM card externally to use.

T-box connect to USB cable and you can enjoy map navigation on the car screen2. Install the external SIM card, open the icon of the phone, add existing contacts, or open the Bluetooth phone icon to pair with the mobile phone's Bluetooth, and the contact on the phone will be displayed synchronously on the car screen when the pairing is successful.

3. Connect to AutoKit, after entering AutoKit, click the Bluetooth icon in the upper left corner to enter the Bluetooth pairing interface, pair the phone with Bluetooth, and then return to AutoKit after successful pairing.

Step1: Click on the AutoKit icon

Step2: Search for pairing in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone

T box square design, looks like a little speaker

In all, it is easy to set up, recognized instantly and booted up/load in about 10- 20 seconds.

I found out that my phone (Galaxy S7) doesn't support wireless Android Auto but after Googling for a solution I enabled developer options and turned on the "project screen" option and now it works great!

This media box enables you to really have a complete tablet experience. It’s really similar to the android t style radio. I’m happy with it because it does what it claims. Apple CarPlay and Android auto work wirelessly via this unit. I’ve also tried YouTube with no issues. 

Finally, the most complete specification data table about the AI box in 2022 will be attached at the end of this article,  the compatible list can be checked here. So that it is convenient to confirm whether it is suitable for you before purchasing.

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