Everything You Need to Know About a Carlinkit Carplay Adapter

Everything You Need to Know About a Carlinkit Carplay Adapter

Welcome! It’s time to share in-depth details about the carlinkit carplay adapter, the carlinkit compatibility, connectivity, wireless connection with carplay and android auto,upgarde carlinkit with firmware and much, much, much more.

Here we select 11 most frequently asked questions from our carlinkit adapter users, and we’ll continue to chase questions and update information here as we get ready for launch later this month.

So if you just find yourself in a situation what should you know before buy a carlinkit wireless adapter. Or for those of you who still aren't familiar with it, let's dig deeper.

1. How to switch to another phone once carlinkit is already connected?

You can have more phones in the device memory, but only one at the time will work. if several phone paired with the device and whoever is using the car, the device connects with the nearby phone.

2. Will leaving the Carlinkit 3.0 plugged into the USB port when the car is off drain the battery?

 When your car is power off you can see the device light indicatoris off, you can pretty much sure it won‘t drain the battery of your car.

3. The usb in my glove box and it’s the only port i have. Can you play music with your phone through that or it’s only for charging?

 Phone will not charge if it's not connected to the USB port or placed on a wireless charger.This is a product that allows you to wirelessly play CarPlay. If you have CarPlay on your headunit, this allows it to play wirelessly. And plugging  in  the usb on the other end of the cable of the Carlinkit so you can still use it for other things (charging , radar, etc.)

4. does it automatically connect when you get in the car or do you have to reconnect every time?

 As long as you leave the application open, it connects immediately when you get in the car.

5. Does the steering wheel buttons work with it (including Siri)?

  All buttons work just like OEM in our carlinkit 3.0

6. Can you remove Apple Maps and put in Google Maps?

 Google maps works with CarPlay. Whatever apps you use for android or apple that works with CarPlay would work as well.

7. Does the backup camera show up on Carlinkit 3.0?

 The backup camera can show up on screen when you are parking

8. Does the wireless connection drain your phone battery?

 The phone battery does not seem to drain any faster than normal. Also, you can plug in a charger that will allow your phone to stay at a high battery volume.

9. Can apple carplay work without being plugged in?

 This is a product that allows you to wirelessly play CarPlay. If you have CarPlay on your headunit, this allows it to play wirelessly.

10. Does Wireless carplay adapter with minimal lag?

 This is often noticeable when running data-heavy apps like Maps and may also show up when streaming music. Particularly slow connections can be due to poor internet or outdated/old devices which can cause the device to fail to connect or have a slow rate of transfer.

11. How to upgrade your carlinkit carplay adapter?

Oneline upgrade instruction:

Step 1.  Plugged the dongle into the USB socket on the car to power on.

Step 2. Turn on the iPhone's WiFi, click the WIFI name of the product, enter the                password 12345678to connect.

Step 3. Enter the phone's Safari browser to view the version                  upgrade page.

Step 4. Click the Update Now button to start upgrading the version.

          Offline upgrade can contact us to get a newest firmware and instrcutions  


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Carlinkit 4.0

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