The new version 3.0 is the best choice to have wireless carplay

Depth contrast of Wireless Carplay adapters on 2022

Are you still troubled by messy data wires? Do you want to get rid of the wire and have wireless carplay? An adapter could help you to realize Wireless Carplay. However, which adapter is worth buying? We choose Carlinkit, a brand with a good reputation, and we will test 6 products from it, based on features, price, appearance, support vehicle, and support phone version.

About Carlinkit: Carlinkit is a tech company started in 2014 in China, owning its factory, engineers, and designers, committed to innovating and producing. Now, Carlinkit sells its products all over the world. The MMB we heard about before is also sold by the Carlinkit company.

For those who purchase wireless carplay adapters for the first time, you only need to refer to a few important factors, which could help you choose a suitable adapter. The following figure makes a comparison for 6 products, you don't need to waste time reading other long articles.

Many people may wonder what the difference is between 2.0 and 3.0. In fact, 3.0 is almost the same as 2.0, It is said that some dealers claim to be 3.0 in order to attract more customers, so they all sell 3.0 in the market, but in fact, there is no difference between them when I use my 2020 Rav 4. That's why I didn't mention 2.0 above.

In general, the most cost-effective product is carlinkit3.0, which can realize wireless carplay at the lowest price. The most powerful product is the MMB product, which includes wonderful entertainment functions. After a long drive, you can park and enjoy the leisure time brought on by the entertainment screen. What's more, the "Airplay" functions could help you and your friends in the vehicle share video on the central screen, this is appealing to me as well. Of course, the price is also the highest, but I think it is worth each penny. These two products are also the most popular on the market right now.

With the popularity of Android mobile phones in the market now, many wired carplay owners who use Android mobile phones also need to use wireless carplay adapters. Therefore, the new version 3.0 is the best choice, it will be released in May 2022. If you use an aftermarket head unit, Autokit is undoubtedly the most suitable product, but it does not have rich entertainment functions for the time being. But I believe it will be realized in the near future.

Finally, let's talk about the T-box. This product has a unique function that other products do not have, that is, it can work independently, and it has SIM cards and memory card slots. After inserting the card, you can surf the Internet and download apps on the infotainment screen. It is equivalent to a single Android operating system.

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