Carlinkit AI Box, Impressive Benefits To Your Phone, Vehicle And Yourself!!

Do you desire an easy way to get installation into a USB socket and avoid twisting USB cables in the car? Do you want faster startup to the vehicle, connecting automatically and error-free? Have you imagined that phones keeping in your pocket without battery consumption? Is it the chance of the sync mode in your car to support the display of dashboard CarPlay media information and make it possible for you to view a large proportion of media resources and get some recreation during the intervals of the trip?

Here comes the amazing AI box, it mainly divides into three types, T-box, T-box mini as well as MMB AI box, one benefit among them is to convert to Android auto. You can refer to for information.
The tiny distinction between T-box and T-box mini is that , T-box is associated with Android 9.0 operation system with the function of converting your Car screen to Android Tablet, while T-Box Mini with Android 11.0 System contributing to convert Carplay into an Android OS system, once you start the vehicle and the Carlinkit AI Box adapter will start automatically, the first setup is very easy, just plug in and select in the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone or Android and that's it. After reconnecting, the Carlinkit AI box device restarts automatically and you will feel the tangible benefits of AI box to your phone.
One advantage of AI box bringing to the smart phone(limited to iphone iOS 10+, or Android 10.0+) is that, the SIM card with 4G cellular network enables the adapter to run independently without a phone. Therefore, the phone can charge very fast without the interruption of hotpot. While wired Carplay with occupying the hotpot of phones impacts the charming speed and pose a threat to the battery, which can age the battery.
One merit to the vehicle is the use of Sync mode and screen mirroring. In some cars, AI box supports the display of dashboard CarPlay media information and switch it to sync mode when the media information is not displayed properly.After switch to sync mode, the AI box will be re-plugged to take effect. The screen mirroring function is to cast the image of your phone to the car screen, thereby making your driving more easier and fun. 
Another is the multitask of split screen mode associated with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM storage, the fast 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.8 GHz processor allows you to run most of the popular Android applications without any problems in your car.So you can download and store various media resources directly on the internal storage and the split screen function enables you to allocate your time more wisely while driving . In addition, the TF card slot allows you to expand the mass memory up to 128 GB.
While driving for a long time in the journey, you would be eager for some refreshing movies or games to refreeze your mind. With sim card and TF card of AI box, you can easily watch any film you would like.
A use-friendly adapter, such as Carlinkit AI box, would kindle your enthusiasm about driving with various wonderful Android auto functions. You would have easy access to amazing music, wonderful movies as well as good Siri navigation or voice assistant through the dashboard without wires in mess, therefore you can allocate your time wisely and enjoy the refreshments  and relax yourself no matter short or long trip, it sounds pretty enjoyable,right? So why not give it a try?
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