Best And Premium Carplay Ai Box Match Android 12 In 2022, It's Worth Reading!!

Nowadays, an increasing numbers of people possess cars, but how to make good use of time in cars, making driving easier and interesting, safer and effective, which has become an integral part of our life. How to realize it? Does a premium Carplay ai box with Android 12 can solve most of our concerns? The answer is yes, so what are the features of Carplay ai box and Android 12?Please see below photos.

Does this smart gadget, Carplay ai box, actually save your time and make you focus on your driving more easily with flawless connecting? When our smartphone pairs the dongle with Bluetooth at the first time after the car boot up, it will connect it seamlessly afterwards. Maybe you are wondering another thing. Does it save your money without having to retrofit your car? Does it provide you more space to rest your legs with less USB cables? Does it support google play store to provide you multiple choices to download all sorts of software to rekindle your enthusiasm about driving no matter short or long trips and you don't need to change your driving habits? Do you try the mirror link via the AI box to watch the video more comfortable in the car dashboard? Have you ever experienced the split screen function to deal with multiple tasks at the same time without having to switch it back and forth?Does the built-in GPS in the Carplay match this small unit so as to make your driving more smoothly? The below video, it definitely clarifies all sorts of benefits we would never know before.

On top of that, this sharp and intelligent ai box emotionally attached people's use about voice control function of Siri, GPS navigation, extensive storage in TF card &Type-C slot. Therefore, you can enjoy watching various videos at will according to this small slot. Of course, HDMI interface in MMB box makes it possible for you to transfer the data between the car and dongle. It is compatible with all sorts of devices, such as car screen, TV screen, laptop screen, desktop screen as well as headrest car screen, which provide you with more opportunities to use the devices more intelligently, alleviating your loneliness and make your journey awesome. 

Android 12, which acts as the latest phone version to the operating system's material design, one of the function is that it supports large buttons and increased amount of animation. Most importantly, Android 12, adds support for spatial Audi and MPEG-H 3D Audio, thus we also have easy access to large amount of software resources. The third party app stores in the phone now have the ability to update apps without constantly asking the user for permission, if we use the smart phone with android 12 system, then it adds the high possibility for users to use the mirror and projection function in the full android ai box to enjoy the smooth view experience during the break of long trip.

Another merit for phones with Android 12 system is that it delivers more personal, safe and effortless experiences on your device than ever before.All Carplay AI box, including MMB ai box, T-box and T-box mini, all of these widgets along with the advantages coming from android 12, you would never see missed calls, family or friends' birthdays even watching at a glance. The message would come from the front-and-center on your home screen. Meanwhile, the HDMI interface in MMB box enables us to adopt more convenient ways to get right of our game play located in our phone or laptop or even desktop switch to a new device seamlessly via the car screen or ipad interface or even laptop screen, which would offer us with more likelihood to get comfortable relax during the intervals.

When driving, a precise location is very pivotal for us to navigate to the place we are heading for. With Android 12, we can choose between giving apps access to our precise location or an approximate location instead. With quick tap in the phone, we can access android device easily. While we use the adapter to switch the visual image in the phone to the dashboard, it would give you clear and comprehensive views of when apps access your locationcamera or mic over the past 24 hours. If you see anything that you're not comfortable with, you can manage permissions right from the dashboard. Therefore, using a user-friendly operation system to improve our driving experience, which is really a big plus in our life.

 Android 12, other powerful android features like live caption and now playing are enabled by continuous streams of data like audio from apps of phones, or the content on your screens, making it possible for you to capture all kinds of information online, we can also transfer all the information in the intelligent device to the dashboard of the car via new multimedia video box supporting Android auto 12. The extensive storage connecting with 4G/5G mobile network, you'll be able to use the phone, calendar, music, maps, messages, now playing, podcasts, and audio books, as well as other standard apps such as WhatsApp, Waze, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Tiktok, Netflix and so forth, which in turn optimize our use experience.

Compared to Android 11, Android 12 simplifies the interaction and boosts the fluency of operating system as well as the efficiency, therefore the system safety and privacy can be improved further. 

On top of that, the notification board becomes more intriguing, since the users can slide the screen and click it in order to add more interactivity to control all operating system.

Plus, in contrast to Android 11, playing games when downloading them is a totally different experience when using this new function of Android 12. As a result, an increasing number of people get accustomed to using this wonderful android operating system. 

Carplay ai box, gains more popularity among people compared to carlinkit 3.0 and 4.0 these years, the root reason for this is that the dominant features of carlinkit 3.0 and carlinkit 4.0 is to connect the Carplay wirelessly and the phone can be kept in the pocket quietly and be recognized easily. While Carplay ai box is equivalent to host computer without screen, so it can cast all images of our phone with Android 12 system into the car screen or the resources we download inside the unit, plus play games or watch videos when downloading, which in turn optimizes our view response.

In addition to this, the scrolling screenshots and quick setting even you are over multi-task can save you a lot of time in the short intervals when driving during the waiting for the red lights in the crossroad.

The precise location controls in the phone can be projected to the car screen via the box, thereby facilitating our trip such as excursion.

It is no doubt that the configuration of Android 12 and Carlinkit ai box with more compatibility, they make the most of advanced technology, makes it possible for the dashboard to show more contents of android 12 when pairing to connect the Bluetooth of android phone, which contributes to strengthen view response of users.

In a nutshell, precise map navigation, voice control associated with multi-task function we derive from the phone with android 12 operating system, adding the split screen or mirror link function together with playing games when downloading, it definitely increases our joy and spices our journey, which can stop our kids from crying in the back seat or recall our social needs when scrolling to capture the special moments in a day and share on moments on the social media. As long as we hook up the Carplay ai box with 4G LTE network in the vehicle with TF or SIM card, we will definitely enjoy a smoothly driving experience.




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