2022 Highly Recommend Wireless T-box,dual cards and Multitask Android Auto functions

2022 Highly Recommend Wireless T-box,dual cards and Multitask Android Auto functions

When you get in your car and sit down, you probably want a user-friendly way to drive and make your driving much easier and safer without any worry.

Nowadays, multitask Android functions, which consolidate music, maps, and Siri suggestions into a single screen, also with TF card and SIM card, the dual card to insert into the T-box, therefore you can make a phone call with 4G network and listen to music via the touch screen without a phone, your phone can be charged rapidly in the USB charging port without occupying by any hotpot.

When driving, the potential risks such as cables in chaos, offer you less legroom and it is likely to affect your emotion when driving, all you want to see is tidy and pleasant driving environment.
However, T-box, also called Carlinkit AI box, Android 9.0, this product only works for vehicles with factory Apple CarPlaybut it is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphonesAlso, it is easy to be installed, just plug and play, easy to convert your wired Carplay into wireless, you are able to escape from the trouble of bunches of USB cables.
It is important to notice thathere are a few holes in the upper side of T-box, which is prepared for SIM/TF Card &Type-C slot, which means that it supports 128G TF card, you no longer worry about insufficient capacity, because it can bear a large amount of storage at any time, so you can get two cables to meet the original car's needs for different USB or Type-C cables and you can also download Netflix, podcast or your favorite games such as Plants vs Zombies in the  Android auto screen with your phone keeping in your pocket,no power consumption, therefore it also decreases the times of charging in the port.
Most importantly, you can make or answer some phones from the touch screen without a phone. When driving, there probably come some phone calls, Android screen via the software download via google play store, all you need to do is to pay attention to the road.

Do you want a pleasant journey? While taking a rest in the journey, the multitask functions such as watching videos, listening to music, playing football games as well as downloading some valuable film resources via SIM card, you won't feel boring any more.

Sometimes, the split function decreases the times you switch back and forth in the touch screen so as to use your time more optimally. To be specific, when you display the music in the left side of the screen, you can observe the map of navigation in the right side, super convenient.

What's more, T-box,since it adopts smart chip, supporting 2G/3G/4G LTE network, it's more faster and more stable, so it enables people to surf online more freely without any hindrance.
To sum up, the T-box with multitask function in Android auto screen, not only optimizing our driving environment, wired to wireless with less USB cables, but also offering us more recreation or voice control, enabling our journey full of fun, much enjoyable.
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