2022 Extremely Practical Carlinkit T-Box Mini Dongle-convert your car screen to android tablet!!

What is T-Box Mini?

T-Box mini,which is a new Multimedia Video Box, supporting wireless Carplay and Wireless Android Auto. It can provide greater capacity and faster connection owing to the use of 4G LET Network, Qualcomm chip as well as Dual Bluetooth configuration coming from it.Here is a video telling the function of this smart intelligent Box.

Why we actually need the T-box mini?

First of all, it is loaded with multiples functions, including the benefits we can get? from below.

✅While you're on Youtube or Netflix, you can watch your favorite videos for lifting your mood.

✅Using Google Maps or Waze Maps to navigate, you won't get lost on the road.

Tiktok, Spotify, Google Assistant, Netflix, Youtube, and more popular apps may be downloaded from the Google Play Store, it is beneficial to smarten up the central control screen! It sounds pretty intriguing,right?

Split Screen mode. The app allows you to watch the film while driving, making your journey even more memorable and fantastic than it used to be.

✅With an Android or iPhone, you can make hands-free calls and ask your voice assistant for assistance at any moment while keeping your eyes on the road.

So it can meet our multiple spiritual needs and foster our good imagination about quality life in the future.

Secondly, T-Box Mini, regarded as a multimedia video box, it runs on Android 11.0 and accepts a separate 4G SIM card.

So it allows you to upgrade your wired Apple CarPlay to WIRELESS Apple CarPlay, also your wired Android Auto to WIRELESS Android Auto. To be specific,you may install any programs from the Google Android Play Store. which can bring more convenience to your life on a daily basis.

In addition, it's plug-and-play with no additional installation fees or damage to the original vehicle, which in turns saving your time and energy for getting rid of annoying cables.

Apart from that,Compared to T-Box, T-box mini is a upgraded version, much more lighter,it is a new model release for car with wired factory carplay equipped with 3GB LPDDR3 RAM+32GB eMMC Flash. You might think of it as an Android tablet without a screen, but it has gone to great lengths to ensure that it is compatible with a wide range of automotive head units.

What tangible benefits we can indeed get from this practical adapter?

First, if your Carplay connects with iPhone, the device will connect wirelessly to your vehicle right away.

You'll be able to use the phone, calendar, music, maps, messages, Now Playing, podcasts, and audiobooks, as well as other standard iPhone apps. Third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Waze, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Tiktok, Netflix, and others can also be added as well. Our Carplay Android Box, of course, provides an instant wireless Carplay connection.If you have an Android device, you will be able to take full use of Android auto, which was created by Google to reflect what your Android phone can do for your car in the end. Your vehicle's dashboard will be transformed into a navigation system, information assistant, and audio and video entertainment system. Our Carplay Android box is renowned for its ability to provide quick wireless Android vehicle connectivity.

Second, it is a big save for your time, effort and money!

Have you ever found yourself in the following position while connecting your phone to a wire in a car:

A socket that is loose or damaged.

Data and charging cables are usually a distraction while driving.

When making a PayPass payment, taking out your phone every time, you go in the car and unplug it.

If your phone is in your jacket or back seat, it is not available for connecting.

For anyone who wants to go wireless with a wired CarPlay and Android Auto setup, this device is a fascinating technology. This is perfect for quick travels. Say goodbye to bulky cables and keep your phone in your pocket while using Carplay and Android Auto wirelessly. You and your family will have a safe driving experience!

Last but not least, transforming your vehicle into a personal online theater and experiencing the split screen function as needed is the main reason why the world appears to be increasingly fantastic.

Imagining a scenario, going to the movies has increased your risk of infection because of the potential covid-19 virus . Why not turn your car into a private multimedia theater by utilizing the car's pleasant environment and audio multimedia system? There is a little waste of this setup without watching movies or TV shows, especially for those vehicles equipped with excellent stereo systems such as the sound of Berlin, Harman, and others.

It can also be used to watch live broadcasts of sporting events like as the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup. It's a fully immersive watching experience with no interruptions.

The T-box mini also allows two apps to share the same screen at the same time. Two apps can be displayed side by side on the system (split-screen mode). You won't have to go back and forth between apps if you use the multi-window feature to watch your favorite live program while exploring.

As suggested above, this smart and intelligent device is the main reason why we can enrich our daily life and it helps us to express our feelings and preferences about this advanced technology via using it wirelessly, watching movies, listening to music and getting navigation etc, which can instruct us to use this dongle wisely from different perspectives, therefore facilitating us to lead a quality life, it is extremely practical,right?